Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sammath Godless Arrogance due in March 2014


Furious black metal since 1994

Godless Arrogance Hammerheart Records March 2014

  1. Shot in mass
  2. Fear upon them
  3. Thrive in arrogance
  4. Godless
  5. Death (hunt them down)
  6. This world must burn (hammer of supremacy)
  7. Through filth and the remains of man
  8. Nineteen corpses hang in the mist

5th release since 1994

Fear upon them

Sammath Facebook

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Why the future of nationalism is far from the mess that is "White Nationalism"

As a traditionalist conservative, I recognize many modern doctrines under their ancient and more representative forms.
Thus for me, racism is a dead letter, but nationalism -- ethno-cultural self-rule for every ethnic and religious group on earth -- is one essential tenet of any happy society. Relative homogeneity allows evolution, where diversity is devolution through averaging.
At this point however, we need to ask ourselves whether we as a people want to survive. This applies to all European ethnic groups, moreso than those in the third world, as they are not experiencing mass immigration seeking wealth built over centuries.
Most Caucasian people want to self-destruct because first-world society is insufferable. It is ugly, tedious, based on obedience and power games, cruel and worst of all, pointless. We work too much, and wait in too many lines, for this illusion of tolerance and equality. Nonsense ideological doctrines like those are epitaphs of formerly great empires.
If we decide to survive, we must find some way of approaching The National Question. My advice is that we avoid being indirect, and simply state what we want: we want to live among our own and rule ourselves by culture, not Nanny State soft totalitarian government.
Among the indirect approaches are two that have been historically proven not to work. The first is the mainstream Republican method of never speaking of the problem, and the second is the underground far-right method of becoming Hollywood Nazis in an attempt to "wake up the sheeple."
The former approach never states an actual plan, and the latter states a plan that confuses appearance with actual need, and thus ends up being a horrible re-enactment of the worst of the WWI-WWII era as acted out by the stereotypes of Western Media.
I'm not the only one to see this. As The White Voice writes:
We at The White Voice are merely normal White people who see modern racial issues for what they are and commentate on how they affect our community. We believe in establishing a White collective through which Whites can operate and mobilize for their best interests. Ultimately our goal is a White homeland but done so the right way.
We are certainly not a part of whatever the "White power" or "White nationalist" movements are. These freaks who march around carrying Swastika flags while goose stepping doing Roman salutes do not represent our interests and are doing their part in scaring people away from White identitarianism.
Far too many people say that unless you are taking a "hardcore," screaming in people's face approach, you are wasting your time. No, it is you who is wasting your time trying to bait us into making asses of ourselves. The enemies of Western civilization enjoy your silliness but are afraid of those of us who are normal and reflect the way many Whites feel.
This is written in the context of an article about Craig Cobb, but knowing almost nothing about that situation and having seen thoughtful work by Mr. Cobb in the past, I have left that portion out of this analysis. It's more important we focus on the bigger picture: the future of nationalist politics.
To my mind, it's a mistake to identify as pro-white or neo-Nazi when what we want is much simpler. We want a nationalist world order. That means that each nation rules itself, makes its own rules, and does so through culture instead of the bureaucratic governments that absorb infinite money, make crazy rules, become corrupt, and kick down your door in the night because you said something socially unpopular on Farcebook or Twitless.
In my view, those who want to be "pro-white" should shift to this generalized nationalist program, and then realize that the left will never support them because nationalism conflicts with the leftist need for radical individualism.
To a leftist, if national borders or rules would cause them personal inconvenience, they must go, regardless of consequences. They will never support nationalism, culture, majoritarian or identitarian politics; instead, they will always oppose those.
This leaves us with the right, since there are only two generalized political directions: reality-referential (conservative) or socially-referential (leftist, liberal, socialist, communist, progressive, anarchist, etc.). If you trust reality and your own soul more than social groups, you're a latent conservative.
Conservatism has an answer to The National Question, which is to allow freedom of association and to un-do the liberal legislation enforcing diversity -- multiculturalism, internationalism, tolerance and cosmopolitanism are synonyms for this -- on a population that wants to be nice, but at some level doesn't want to obliterate itself.
Hollywood Nazis make us feel shame, guilt and pity. Responsible conservatives do not. It's time to put away the costumes and accessories, shelve the fetishes and conceits, and instead look at the practical task ahead of us, which is rebuilding our nations after centuries of neglect and abuse.

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Iron March identifies Sebastian Ernst Ronin as an informant and provocateur

Warning: rough language. Dissident group Iron March recognizes Ronin's habit of attacking useful people in order to make himself seem more important, and calls him out on being an informant and an internet provocateur who ultimately discredits any movement he's associated with.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

White Girl Bleed A Lot by Colin Flaherty needs a talk show radio push

Colin Flaherty, author of White Girl Bleed A Lot, writes:

I feel like we are on the cusp of something bigger. And with your help, we can push this book square into the middle of the national conversation about race.

If you wanted to help make that happen, the best thing you could do this week is call Rush. Or Sean. Or Alex Jones. Or Glenn Beck. Or any of the other national media you watch.

Tell them only one book is talking about the epidemic of racial violence.

And why they should talk about it too.

We are so close: One call to a Michael Savage or a Rush could change the world.

Here's a good sample email:


I'm [name] from [hometown] and I'd like to ask you to talk about Colin Flaherty's book "White Girl Bleed A Lot" on your show. It's a book about how some black people riot and otherwise victimize white people, revealing a hidden racial tension in America. Flaherty does a good job of avoiding anything that smells like racism, because his premise seems to be that America's inability to talk about race is causing racial tension to go from covert to overt. I hope you can feature this book on your show; here's its web site:



For more information on White Girl Bleed A Lot, read the book review here.

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