Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sammath - Godless Arrogance

Sammath combines the dark melodic understructure of black metal with the type of charging full-ahead death metal that Fallen Christ or Angelcorpse pioneered (which might descend from Morbid Angel’s “Thy Kingdom Come”).

Godless Arrogance features nearly constant high-intensity rhythmic riffing and finally has a production to match which emphasizes internal harmony but projects vocals and guitars to the forefront, creating an enveloping wall of sound. - Sammath - Godless Arrogance review at Death Metal Underground

You will be able to buy Godless Arrogance after its release on February 3, 2014.

Sammath's debut, Strijd, was really beautiful on a melodic level but also very violent and had good use of keyboards (a lot like Emperor done by Morbid Angel). Their next two were uneven but more aggressive. This new one is the best of both worlds.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Take Heed: the white race is in reality nothing more than an inbred sub-race


The white "race" is in reality nothing more than an inbred sub-race, and an aberration of the hyman species. All whites are genetically defective and inferior by definition. The white man makes up less than 10% of the world's population. It is impossible for the white man to be the "supreme race" of the human species. Their numbers simply do not support their claim. The white man is the true minority on the planet. The white man's pale "pigment" is inherited from his albino progenitors. This is the reason the white man cannot point to any other single natural lineage to explain his ancestry (unlike all the other people in the world). If not the black man in Africa, whence did the white man come?

The "dark-freckled pigmentation" commonly found on the white man's skin is a vestigial indicator of his true ancestor: the black man. No species on this planet is truly white unless the MAJORITY of that species is white. The vast majority of man are people of color. The white man is singular in his bizarre appearance. To put it concisely, the very condition of being white constitutes a defective anomaly and, consequently, is indicative of species inferiority. Hence, the white man is marked. The white man despises the black metal because the white man knows he himself can never be anything other than a lesser man (the white man is a defect). Again, the white man is marked. The white man has contributed to his own genetic deficiencies through his history of inbreeding. Fact: if you closely observe enough whites, you will notice that there are those with one green and one blue eye. There are too many known cases of the occurrence for them to be considered mere random mutations.) As a result of their inbreeding and other genetic defects, all whites are thieves, liars, sociopaths, psychopaths, etc. Because the white man is inherently psychotic, it is imperative that you teach your children to NEVER trust a white man (or woman). Before too long, the white man will get the message that he is persona-non-grata in this world, and he will eventually die off.

The white man has lied to you. If the white man were GOD's prized creation, would HE have given HIS prized creation such poor covering in lieu of protection, i.e., the white man's inadequate pale flesh? (Would you have done that?) Once again, the insidious white man is marked. The only god the white man obeys is god satan. satan is the white man's true god. The white man's sole purpose in this world is to function as a recruiter for satan. And satan richly rewards his followers. GOD would not reward you in so trite a way for doing what HE commands you to do. Your non-tangible rewards from GOD are the avoidance of the consequences that would befall you should you fail to follow GOD's command. (And not those commands set in the white man's make-believe bible) Would GOD sanction or allow such horrid conditions as war, poverty, organized pedophilia (the catholic church), incest, intentional...

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reddit owns anything you type into the site

About an hour ego, Reddit updated its user contract. It contains in part:

By submitting User Content to reddit, you grant us a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, unrestricted, worldwide license to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, perform, or publicly display your User Content in any medium and for any purpose, including commercial purposes, and to authorize others to do so.
This means that anything you submit to the site is owned by Reddit and they can sue if you make use of it on your own. If you publish it on your website, they can DMCA you and have that content removed.

While this type of contract is present on other sites like Facebook, Reddit presents itself as a different type of internet site which is more user-friendly. It's important to note that this "don't be evil" policy has officially ended as of an hour ago.

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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Death Metal Underground Newsletter 11/29-12/8

Death Metal Underground

Newsletter 11/29-12/8

Because Metal Is Art

Does metal have a finite lifespan?

Keith Kahn-Harris, a metal academic whose work in metal academia has been covered here and elsewhere, writes that metal may be suffocating under the weight of its own success:

"Metal today is in crisis. Metal’s crisis doesn’t feel like a crisis. In fact it sometimes feels like quite the reverse. This is a crisis in which most are unaware that there is a crisis – and that is the crisis. The crisis is one of abundance."

Heavy metal shows piracy is not killing music, offers new business model

The music industry — and the television and movie industries — appears to be in free-fall. After years of having an exclusive means of delivery, its market hold has been fragmented by the internet and increasing distrust of big media. Looking over the past decade, the picture adds up to a slow and steady decline with downloaded forms of media failing to replace the profits of their physical counterparts.

Suuri Shamaani – Mysteerien Maailma

The esoteric ambient/organic noise project of Beherit‘s Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance, Suuri Shamaani, will see its Mysteerien Maailma re-released next week by KVLT in Finland (€ 11 pre-order).

Like Justin Broadrick project Final, or post-Napalm Death project Lull, Suuri Shamaani attempts to shape sound itself using overlapping drones and ambient noises to create internal harmonies. Mysteerien Maailma (commonly called the “mysterious mailman” album for its resemblance to that phrase in English) represents a more ritualistic and ordered vision of that approach.

Profile: Codex Obscurum editor Kevin Ord

There’s a seismic disturbance in the metal world. As the power of the internet winds up, the flood of information has increased to the point where people are searching for ways to reduce the data overload. As a result, they’re turning back toward zines, reviews and edited sites and away from crowd-sourced data and social media.

On the forefront of this change is Codex Obscurum, a formerly small but rising zine from the eastern coast of the United States. Staffed by volunteers, run on a non-profit basis, and dedicated to old school underground metal as well as contemporary developments, Codex Obscurum has won over its share of devotees.

Slayer Show No Mercy turns 30

Three decades ago, on December 3, 1983, Slayer unleashed Show No Mercy upon an ungrateful world. This event changed more than one band’s future; it helped launch the next generation in metal.

Combining the fluid tremolo strum of hardcore punk with the melodic song structures of Iron Maiden and the angular, rhythmically precise riffing of Judas Priest, Slayer sculpted from raw elements the future of death metal. With the guitars freed from having to emphasize offbeats, riffs became more fluid and tended toward phrases, jazz-style, instead of bouncy percussion in the style of rock.

Jeff Hanneman demos from 1985 released as Seeds of Horror

With the tragic early death of Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman earlier this year, it was inevitable that artifacts would unearth themselves, as has happened with the Seeds of Horror release. This album contains both demos for an unreleased concept album by Slayer and a demo from Hanneman’s side hardcore project Papsmear.

The Slayer demos involve material that mostly made it on to later albums but also contain some unreleased and unrealized material. Generally recorded with Hanneman on guitar and vocals and a drum machine for percussion, the demos include some conceptual material like the title track from which this CD/LP takes its name.

Sadistic Metal Reviews 12-05-13

What are Sadistic Metal Reviews? If you treat heavy metal like a form of art or culture, it suddenly reveals its inner depth. Labels want you to see the surface only. To separate the two, we must be brutally honest. Look for the occasional gem in the sands of sonic feces.

Dawn to re-issue entire back catalog through Century Media in 2014

Swedish black/death metal outfit Dawn returned from the chaos of the 2000s a year ago and have been steadily moving toward releasing new material since. In support of this, the band will be re-issuing its entire discography through Century Media in 2014.

The Heaviest Encyclopedia of Swedish Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Ever! by Janne Stark

Since the popularization age of search engines began, some have wondered if this spelled the impending doom of paper encyclopedias. If heavy metal is any indication, traditional methods of distributing information are still enduring.

Profile: Cóndor

To partake of underground metal in the current year is to keep eyes open for new possibilities. Because this is underground — meaning-first and surface appeal later, where everyone else does it the other way around — music, this requires looking past early limitations to see if a band has the outlook required. This worldview is a desire to make music in the true metal spirit, with a personal voice that reveals vastly impersonal truths. is the net's oldest and longest-running heavy metal resource center and home of The Heavy Metal FAQ. We treat heavy metal music as a form of art and culture, and we believe we should bring out the best in it. Our primary focus is death metal; but we remain open to new musical experiences, both within metal and without. To learn more, visit our information center at:

Join join our weekly mailing list, visit:

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Republic of Texas Buffet & Grill on Saturday, December 14, 2013

The republic of Texas Nation standing under One Almighty God;

The Texas republic is alive and well since 1836 thru 2013 (Present date);

Saturday December 14th, 2013
*9:30* AM: till 5:00 PM.
At the town of Waco, Texas republic.
Session held at A1 Buffet & Grill, 301 S. Valley Mills Dr.
See attached map;


Domiciling on the lands of the sovereign republic of Texas while standing under our one creator God shall bring all Texians relief from the enslaving statutes that presently bind you and your family’s freedoms.

The republic of Texas began as an internationally recognized Nation (people) by and through several organic International Treaties 1819-1844, including the united States of America, England, Ireland, France, Netherlands and many Indian Tribal Nations throughout North America. It is now re-born.

With your help and support and us all working together we will make the following happen and it shall come true.

1.     Texians will never see or hear of another enslaving 1040 IRS TAX Form or any other IRS form.
2.     Texians will take 100% of their paychecks home if desired.
3.     Texians will not be forced to pay any private property Taxes.
4.     Texians will not be forced to have meters on their wells or any smart meters on their properties.
5.     Texians will not be forced to vaccinate their children.
6.     Texians will not be forced to tag their animals.
7.     Texians will not be forced into jail for debt.
8.     Texians will not be forced to surrender any of their guns used for defending their families, lands and their Country if called upon.
9.      Texians will not be forced to sell their lands or stolen from them by so called eminent domain for creating a new toll road or anything else.
10.                        Texians will not be forced to leave our Nation to go fight and die in some foreign war or police action in order to make some one world order elitist group or individual(s) richer.   
11.                        Texians will not have their homes taken from them on any courthouse steps for debt as was made law by The republic of Texas Homestead act of 1839, which protected the home of a family from seizure and still does.
12.                        Texians will be free to worship their one creator almighty God as they please anywhere they please.
13.                        Texians will be free from so called direct Federal Taxes at all Gas pumps. Gas will immediately drop 18.5 cents a gallon plus.
14.                        Texian Chartered Corporations will not be forced to take anything out of their employee’s check.
15.                        Texian chartered corporations will only pay a 1% import-export fee at all Land borders, Seaports and Airports within the Texas republic jurisdictional boundaries and some local counties and some cities.

Prices of all products and manufacturing will drop tremendously.

If you are serious about desiring freedom for you and your children and grand children’s future then stand up with us Texians and support the republic of Texas elected government.

All Texians and Texan visitors are welcome.

All are welcome to bring forward any ideas, suggestions, and donations or volunteer their services to help re-build our Nation under one God.
Come meet some real Texians that walk the walk and talk the talk.

Be a part of History in the making!

Any declared Texian or foreign dignitary wishing to speak to the either House of the Congress. Please contact the your local county representative or district senator or for questions and more information contact me, Texian Ed Brannum at

To Donate; office supplies, land, buildings, specie etc. or be a volunteer, or want to become a rT Senator, Representative, District Judge, County official, Notary or have concerns for other matters such as republic Texian Rangers, Texian County Readiness Volunteers (see web site);

Mail to: Attention. Secretary of State republic of Texas, c/o [PO Box 280], Iola, Texas republic (non-domestic).  

Help us Free the Land of Texas:
Donations of checks, money orders, currency etc. appreciated: Also for ordering Gold, Silver or Copper barter medallions. Pay to the order of: Republic of Texas.

Mail or send by carrier to.
c/o Republic of Texas Trustee
1105 Lawndale Ave.
Victoria, Texas republic near [77901].

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Norwegian TV program about inequality of races

Leftists swear there are no differences. Reality suggests otherwise. Further, it suggests that ignoring these differences for what is ultimately politeness, a social conceit or fashion actually harms all involved.

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Leftists secretly want to be dominated by fascists

Do leftists secretly want to get topped by fascist and archaic conservative elements? Check out this fascist-worship from lefty rag Salon:

As is not uncommon for black metal, the Ukrainian band Drudkh’s political commitments are unsavory while their music is surprisingly indie-art, and even world-music friendly. “Glare of Autumn,” from their 2004 “Autumn Aurora,” opens with an acoustic folk intro before launching into a complex layered drone, somewhere between Sonic Youth and Sigur Ros if either of those bands dabbled in traditional melodies. All Drudkh albums are worth checking out, including their all-acoustic effort, “Songs of Grief and Solitude.” - "10 metal tracks even non-metal-heads will love," by Noah Berlatsky, Salon, December 7, 2013.

It's great to see public acknowledgement that black metal is right-wing in its roots and persistent attitude. It's also good to see someone being truly "open-minded." But it's also a bit creepy.

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