Saturday, May 14, 2016

Reddit Censors Free Speech Group /r/European

SJW stronghold Reddit has decided to "quarantine" /r/European, its sub formed in reaction to /r/Europe's censorship of stories that go against The Narrative. Quarantine means that users must opt-in and people who are not logged in cannot see the content. It also keeps content from the sub in showing up in other modes of viewing the site.

While Reddit is clearly a bad actor that censors non-Leftist (and other) content, /r/European had a problem: getting outside of the /r/Europe mental ghetto invited in all the Stormfront types, who promptly had a field day writing what they usually do, in addition to posting memes. Because of its "free speech" roots, /r/European refused to censor them, which essentially killed much discussion because the angry hive of a different sort would quickly arrive. Most of these Stormfronters, ironically, appeared to be simply Leftists who dislike Jews and immigration. In other words: typical Reddit content, with a twist of angry racial resentment.

The moderators of /r/European have taken their activity to Voat, where they have freedom but a much smaller audience. The retreat from social media is not a victory; it allows Reddit to continue to present its "safe space" as a free discussion forum. However, it also makes clear that free speech is not actually wanted on Reddit, so perhaps this pyrrhic self-immolation will bring good yet.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

How To Find Telnet BBSes On The Internet

I was chatting with some members of the 80sbbs mailing list, and they came up with some suggestions for how to find telnet-accessible BBS nodes on the modern internet.

These nodes are 1980s-style BBS systems or "boards" which have been connected through a modem emulator to the telnet protocol, so that you can connect from a modern system hooked up through broadband (or dial-up, for those hanging on).

In addition to being fun, these dial-up telnet BBSen are also relatively secure, simple, anonymous and off-radar. The latter makes them an ideal place to use private email to communicate among a group, and for public discussion, since the Facebooks and Reddits of the world have trashed that.

To get onto these boards, all you need is a computer with the telnet protocol installed.

Here are three listings of telnet BBSes that you can connect to:

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